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Published 10/12/2023

On Her Terms (copied from


Drug Trials

A few months ago, Kimberlyn's oncologist informed her that the cancer was no longer responding to treatment. As they considered what her options were, they found that she was eligible for a couple of phase 1 drug trials. These would be "treatments" that have never been given to humans. These types of trials are extremely important for the development of new chemotherapy treatments or immunotherapy. She actually agreed to start, but later confided in me that she had only done so because of me and our family. She would be spending up to 20 hours per week in the clinic, and away from her family. With a very small chance of improvement, she didn't want to spend, what could be her last months, at a clinic having tests, scans, injections, and other procedures.


The only other option at this point was hospice. Its difficult to believe she's on hospice. She looks great. She deals with pain, but otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to realize there was anything seriously wrong if you met her. The nurse comes by once per week just to check in and make sure her pain is under control. Otherwise, we just wait and watch, while trying to enjoy every minute of every day that God gives us. Words can't do justice in describing how proud I am of her and how much of an inspiration she is for me. We're living one day at a time. We know what the doctor's tell us, but ultimately we're on God's timeline.


As I mentioned, we're trying to enjoy every moment we have with each other. A few weeks ago, a family member reached out and said he wanted to pay for us to take a trip. As neither of us have ever been on a cruise, we decided to take one to Cozumel and Costa Maya. We're really excited for this opportunity, and extremely thankful. We're rushing to get passports and everything else that is needed. Our trip is scheduled for the first week of October. We're praying, and asking others to pray that Kimberlyn maintains her strength and health so we can enjoy this trip together. We're so excited to forget the burdens of life for a few days and just relax and enjoy being with each other. We'll share some pics when we return.

Thanks again for your thoughts, prayers, gifts, texts, letters, and phone calls. We're blessed beyond measure to have each of you in our lives.