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Published 09/08/2021

No such thing as a "simple" procedure, with my wife...


The Procedure

After being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer last January (2020), her body has rid itself of all tumors except one small one in her lungs. To prepare for a specialized type of radiation, she went to the hospital last Monday to have markers placed around the tumor. A non-invasive procedure that just places markers so that it is easier to deliver the radiation with pin-point accuracy. Unfortunately, the internal bleeding started almost immediately. By Thursday, we realized she needed to get back to the hospital, so I took her to the ER.

Blood on her lung

According to blood work done Monday, compared to blood work done at the ER, she was missing about 5 units of blood. After an x-ray and ct scan, they came by to let us know "we found the blood". It was trapped in the lining of her lung.


She was admitted and they started on a plan to drain the blood, and check for fresh bleeding. At first, they thought maybe they could drain with needle/syringe, but decided to use a chest tube instead. After several days with the chest tube, they added some medicine to the tube to help the blood move more freely and hopefully drain more. This worked and a lot more was drained.


They had told us that if enough blood did not drain, they would consider surgery. However, after the last CT scan, they say that only a small amount remained, and her body would likely reabsorb and handle it on its own. So she was released this afternoon. She went through a lot of pain over the past week, all due to a common, simple procedure. She said she's tired of the simple ones. Last year, the lung biopsy was supposed to be simple, but she ended up coughing up over a cup of blood and had a collapsed lung from it.

Now we're just praising God for answered prayer, friends, and family. You've definitely helped us through this. We'll continue to keep you updated.

Here is a link to the post on her page.